SGA Officer Elections

Below is the list of candidates who are running for SGA Executive Board and Class officer positions. Intent to run forms will be available on April 15th, and will be due by 3:00pm on Friday April 26th. Voting will open on Thursday May 2nd and close at Monday May 6th at 3:00pm. Any questions, contact Mr Davis.

Polls now open, and close Monday September 30th at 3:00pm

Ready below to learn about the candidates, and cast your vote.

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Executive President

Executive 1st Vice President

Executive 2nd Vice President

Executive Secretary

Executive Treasurer

Executive Parliamentarian

Senior President

Senior Vice President

Senior Secretary

Senior Treasurer

Senior Historian

Junior President

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Junior Secretary

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Junior Historian

Sophomore President

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Sophomore Secretary

Sophomore Treasurer

Sophomore Historian

Freshman President

Albiera Marie Freda

I believe that my ability to maintain my schedule of school and sports without sacrificing my grades has made me a more organized person, which will help in keeping my priorities straight when planning for school events, my priorities being to make these events easily accessible and the most enjoyable they can be. I believe also that I am a fair, affable, and friendly person, and I want it to be apparent that you will always have my ear. And I will do my best to "make all of our wildest dreams come true"!

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Amr Adil Hamza

People should vote for me because I work for my supporters. I will do anything my classmates will want.

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Carriona Imani Goode

Ideas I would like to propose... at this moment I am not really sure. I like to listen to what my peers think and my ideas usually start to flow then. I would rather have ideas that others like, not just ideas I like, and having minds besides my own think of ideas is usually a positive.People should vote for me because I try to involve myself in making others lives enjoyable. I am a good leader and I am confident in front of crowds. Being freshman president for sga would be an amazing opportunity and with it I will try to make my peers high school career something to look forward to

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Kevin Zaccheus Palmer

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Nevaeh Raeann Brown

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Freshman Vice President

Heather Marie SanchezLeyva

I love to hear what others have to say! Im very down to earth and compassionate. Im open to everyones opinion. I want everyone to enjoy their school experience, so I will try my very best to be responsible.

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Kara Elizabeth Lewis

I will represent each and every student in the class of 2023 here at jmb and communicate their wants to the rest of the SGA. Each one of us should enjoy our high school experience- we’ll remember these moments for the rest of our lives! I’ll work hard to raise money and ensure that our next 4 years will be great!

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Levi Crosley Cavaleri

I believe that people should vote for me because I will do my best to uphold all of the responsibilities of the Vice President. I will assist the president in their duties to the best of my abilities, and provide thoughtful additions to ideas proposed. I would like for the SGA to be able to communicate well with the student body, and I will help plan events with the other members of the SGA with the general opinion kept in mind.

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Freshman Secretary


Brooke Loren Podlaszewski

People should vote for me because I am able to communicate ideas to teachers and administration. I am willing to listen and document all ideas and opinions that the class of 2023 may have. I have lots of ideas to make JMB High school a better place as well. If you vote for me for freshman class secretary I guarantee the freshman class of 2023 will be heard.

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Kamara Sarai Barclay

People should vote for me because I have a great desire to hear and implement the classes ideas and opinions in meetings. I will hold this position as a top priority of which I shall cherish and work to evolve it into something greater for the class. If u vote for me I will make it my duty to satisfy your needs, as well as the class of 2023 as well.

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Khamna Bilal

People should vote for me because I love being involved in school related events and I have many plans for our class such as hosting different events that would help us fundraise money for our class. I want to make our 4 year of high school enjoyable and fun for everyone.

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Lilly VanQuynh Ngo

People should vote for me because I can offer various things for JMB High School. I will be able to provide positive impacts on my peers/community and I will be more responsible due to my previous experiences as a Student Council member. I also will listen to my classmates and get their opinions heard by the school.

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Meredith Louise Gilmore

The students of James M. Bennett High should vote for me because I love to get involved in the school environment. Many students find joy and excitement in Spirit Week meaning that they would love hearing of any new ideas, or coming up with some of their own, for the event, a few that I have are a Disney Class Theme Day where each grade level gets assigned a movie and uses their creativity to dress up, or a throwback day where each class is assigned a decade. Students at James M. Bennett should also vote for me because I want to help the whole community of James M. Bennett as well as the community outside of our walls by holding a canned food drive and donating the collections to organizations like the H.A.L.O ministries and the Joseph House.

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Freshman Treasurer


Anandi Bajpai

I aspire to get the class of 2023 the best high school prom and make it as great as possible. I am good with fundraisers and staying organized. I also have tons of ideas for fundraisers and I hope to have a great school year.

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Mark Daniel Linden

People should vote for me because I have an experience in creating budgets and supplying. This is because from when I was 6-10 i worked at a store with my grandparents handling money and informing them on what we have, and what we should use it on. I also believe people should vote for me because I rarely miss school, and have had straight A's almost all middle school.

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Freshman Historian


Grace Eileen Nichols

I believe that people should vote because i have great leadership skills, i’m hard working, and have very good organization skills

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Merin Thomas

I believe that I could really keep all of the memories of the '23 class. I also feel that I can value each of our memories and show our progress as the year goes on. I also have a very good listening ear and will love to hear what everyone has to say!

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