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  • Are you considering summer Ben Davis

    Are you considering summer school to complete some more credits? Both remedial and original credit classes will be offered this summer. Registration will be online from June 17th - 25th.
  • Attention AP Students: Ben Davis

    Attention AP Students: All students who are taking an AP exam digitally need to have the AP browser installed. There are directions to install this for school and personal computers located in each Class Of Google Classroom. Please carry out this step ASAP.
  • Are you a interested Ben Davis

    Are you a interested in attending a service academy? Attend the 2021 Service Academy Forum on May 18th. At this event, you can connect with Service Academy Admissions Officers and staff from Maryland's Congressional staff. For more information, see your guidance counselor.
  • Does your future include Ben Davis

    Does your future include serving in the Marine Corps? Our Marine Corps recruiter is holding an information session next Wednesday, May 19th over Zoom. See Mr. Serig for the Zoom link .
  • JMB Cheerleading will Ben Davis

    JMB Cheerleading will hold tryouts on May 19, 20, and 21 from 3:30 - 5:30pm in the Wrestling Room. Be the voice of the Clipper Ship.